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BDSL Irvine Ltd. Company Profile

BDSL Irvine Limited is a small company established in January 2015 by ex employees of Biological Diagnostic Supplied Limited (BDSL), after its closure on 31.12.2014.

We have taken on many of the same products as the old company and providing the same services.

We are solely responsible for the marketing and distribution of the FMD and PPR kits from the Pirbright Institute.

The original BDSL specialised in taking proven in-house techniques/tests being used in veterinary institutes/laboratories and developed them into a kit format, that was marketed and sold all over the world. They took the knowledge and expertise that was being employed by the Institute and transferred it (with their technical assistance) into a format that could be sold commercially.

For example, BDSL and The Pirbright Institute (formally known as The Institute for Animal Health) developed a kit that diagnosed animals that were infected with Rinderpest virus. This kit was then used to assist in diagnosing animals with this disease all over the world. This has resulted in the eradication of this disease worldwide.

We feel that there are many diseases in animals that have not yet had diagnostic kits developed or commercialised and we would be interested in taking on these new challenges, to complement our existing product range.

We also can provide a large range of laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables. For more information, please contact us here.